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Real Irish Golf is our Passion;

Real Irish Golf is a passion for what we know, understand and love; golfing on the natural links of Ireland.  Having done our time in the Corporate world, it was time to stir the soul and engage our passions; a passion for golf, a passion for our authentic links and a passion for Ireland.

Ireland and golf; it’s in our blood, it’s what we know and do. Be guided by locals as you spring along the rolling fairways of Ireland’s championship links.  Created by nature and lightly sculpted by Irish Picassos, experience the hidden gems of world golf that have reared champions such as Rory, Padraig, Darren, Graeme and others before.  Walk in their footsteps along paths less paved and let yourself go in the beauty, the air, the light, the challenge as you enjoy some of the world’s finest links with friends.

Laugh at the madness of nailing a 5 iron 130 yards into a 30 mph wind, do a double-take as the caddie mutters “reload”, and feel slightly embarrassed as you putt over humps and hollows 20 yards from the green, but slightly superior when you hole it.

Experience the inescapable warmth, the legendary ‘craic’ and the tales of the Irish as you travel across this ancient land.  Drink in the magical scenery and sure, if the golf isn’t great, it will become better as the night wears on.

Let Real Irish Golf be your Irish caddie and experience our passion and knowledge for Ireland and its golf links, as you enjoy the golf vacation of a lifetime.

Please note that any Deposits paid for your Tour are non-refundable