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Some Things You Won’t Hear Golfing In Ireland

By September 19, 2016February 22nd, 2023BE SOCIAL

1. “Jaysus I miss the wind”:

Irish Golf Vacation royal county down lahinchThe best golf courses in Ireland are for the most part Links courses and by definition on the coast – duh! (p.s. you won’t hear that word either) and your Irish golf vacation should be centered around these links courses. One of the great challenges of Links golf as witnessed every year at The Open Championship is the wind. That is not to say you won’t get some flat calm days in places like Ballybunion and The Old Head, but it is as rare as hen’s teeth that there isn’t some class of a breeze. So if you do get a calm day, take advantage!

2. “Mulligan”

An Irish name perhaps, but don’t be looking for Mulligan’s while playing with locals for a few bob on your Irish golf vacation. That is not to say you won’t be wishing you had a few mulligan’s when playing at The European Club for example, but the Mulligan is not – shall we say – a common golf practice over here. No problem – just plan on crushing it first time round!

3.  “It’s too hot for golf”

Irish Golf Vacation tiger woods ireland golfYou will play golf in a golf shirt here sans “sweater” (you won’t hear that word either) but you are unlikely to have to contend with sweat dripping from the bill of your baseball cap as you stand over that three footer. Expect no higher than 80 degrees far. in Summer but more likely high 60’s, low 70’s. Perfect goilfing temperatures to take on the great links like Royal County Down and Royal Portrush.

4. “Slow down lads, you’re playing too fast”

The Irish are a relaxed group generally. However you will find that pace of play is a little bit quicker over here versus most places. Not uncomfortably fast by any means but general expectation is that a four should be able to traverse the golf course in about 4 hours.

5. “Don’t worry about paying me that bet I just won”

The Irish like to have a modest bet on the round – “5, 5 and 5” might be offered on the first tee (meaning 5 euros front 9, 5 eurois back nine, and 5 overall). Nothing that you will be you maxing out the AMEX  but a little wager nevertheless. And yes, the Irish expect that all golf bets are settled; they may spend the loot and much more buying you pints of Guinness in the bar later, but the cash must be handed over should you come out the wrong side of the bet.


Irish Golf Vacation you da man mashed potatoes baba booey

‘…Ants! I see ants!’

6. “Ah, you’ll find this Links Golf fierce easy”

Golf is Ireland is a very popular every man sport and most men at least (and increasingly women) have played golf at some stage. We are rightfully proud of our great Links courses in particular and respect the great golfing challenge and adventure they represent.  As mentioned above, focus on Links golf courses on your Irish Golf Vacation but don’t expect to be coming off wished you had a tougher challenge!

7. “You ‘da man” / “Mashed Potatoes” / “Baba Booey” etc

And God help the poor fellow that ever does yell anything this idiotic in Ireland on a golf course! And if you don’t believe, listen to Graeme!

Graeme reacts to ‘Baba Booey’